The Charles House, Monhegan, Maine

Cynthia Anne Charles 

  Stay in comfort while visitng historical Monhegan Island !  

Charles House Rental, Monhegan ME

Cynthia on the D.T. Sheridan shipwreck at Lobster Cove

 I visited the island annually when I was a child (with my artist mom). I moved to the island in the early 80s after college and have been part of the community ever since, having built my house in 1995.  I enjoy meeting new people and sharing my home with others who are experiencing the island for the first time, and those that call this house their ‘home away from home’ each year.,

 I am a silkscreen printmaker and a crafter, and I also work as the Content Systems Manager for the website for the Institute for Broadening Participation (IBP), a non-profit organization that helps undergraduate students find fully-funded graduate/postgrad research/work and resources to continue with higher education in the STEM fields.

Why the Charles House?

This house is a year round home, with many amenities that are not found in most of the cottages on the island.  It's in a private and quiet location, has wi-fi, and clear beautiful drinking water from the faucet.  There are trees in the yard, and bird feeders . Lots of great bird photos have been taken right from my windows! It's a stone's throw to both the high cliffs that run the East side of the island, and to the village where you'll find stores and eateries.