The Charles House, Monhegan, Maine

Cynthia Anne Charles 

  Stay in comfort while visitng historical Monhegan Island !  

Coastal Accommodations, Monhegan ME

Seaside Carrot Patch

In addition to offering Coastal Accommodations, Monhegan ME, Cynthia is also a graphic silkscreen printmaker, and artist.  Currently, offering her whimsical Paper Cut collages  for sale.

Paper Cut Collage - "Seaside Carrot Patch"

Paper Cut Collage - "Autumn in Maine"


Whimsical pictures created using hundreds of tiny pieces of colored paper, glued together to create a unique and interesting work of art. Coastal scenes, birds, animals, and all of nature’s themes.

As I build the shapes ups and glue each of them together, it feels like I am ‘painting’ with paper, each little piece being akin to a brush stroke of an impressionistic painting.

The majority of the paper pieces used in the designs are cut using scissors, but a few of the finer detailed tiny shapes are done with punches.  I cut them with a knife for years, but the pictures took twice as long to complete, so I’ve incorporated the detailed punches.

One of a kind, picture size (4x6), and double-matted with outside dimension of 5 X 7. This is a “standard size” so it’s easy to find an inexpensive frame at your local store to display under glass.

A fun colorful picture that will brighten up any room!